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Mosley v Google: RIP

18 May 2015 | Information law

So Max Mosley has done a deal with Google in respect of his claim that Google had breached his rights under the DPA 1998 by refusing to block certain images…

Google Spain and the CJEU judgment it would probably like to forget.

19 May 2014 | Information law

In the landmark judgment in Google Spain SL and Google Inc., v Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos, Gonzales (13th May 2014), the CJEU found that Google is a data…

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The Google/Safari users case: a potential revolution in DPA litigation?

16 Jan 2014 | Information law

…permission to serve proceedings on the US-based Google. They got permission and served their claim forms. Google then sought to have that service nullified, by seeking an order declaring that…

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20 Dec 2011 | Information law

…had been inadvertently stored was deleted. He then contacted Google via the webmaster tools requesting the removal of the material from the Google cache. This is where the problem arose….

Google and data protection: no such thing as the ‘right to be forgotten’

28 Jun 2013 | Information law

…VI ZR 269/12 of 14th May 2013) concerning Google’s ‘autocomplete’ function, and earlier this year about the Google Spain case (Case C‑131/12). The latter arises out of complaints made to…

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A Search (Engine) for Enforcement? (Yes, Google again…sigh.)

05 Jul 2013 | Information law

…its decision. It too has written to Google to inform the company that its privacy policy raises serious questions of non-compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Google has…