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We are excited to announce: Panopticon is proliferating! You will now be able to get your Panopticon fix on three different platforms.

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You may have noticed that the blog is getting a revamp. We hope this will improve your experience and make reading updates on info, tech and media law even more enjoyable than it already is (scientists now believe this is possible).

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Are you thinking what I’m linking? Liability for hyperlinks

Many users of the internet know all too well the hidden dangers of hyperlinks.  Now the European Court of Human Rights has considered the extent to which those posting links are responsible for the third party content being linked to, in Magyar Jeti Zrt v Hungary (Case no. 11257/16).

In 2013, a Hungarian politician drew a link between racist assaults by football fans and Jobbik, a right-wing Hungarian political party.  A recording of his remarks was uploaded to YouTube.  When reporting the story, – a news website operated by the applicant company – included a hyperlink to the recording, without repeating the defamatory content in the body of their article. Continue reading