Lord Toulson will be speaking at the Information Law Conference

January 13th, 2017 by Claire Halas

We are delighted to announce Lord Toulson will be speaking at the Information Law Conference on 27th March 2017. For more information about the conference click here


Facebook and Misuse in Northern Ireland: Round 2

January 11th, 2017 by Christopher Knight

In amongst the exciting political developments in Northern Ireland of the last few days have been a positive parade of misuse of private information cases against online social media companies. I posted about the very interesting (yes it was) judgment of the Court of Appeal in CG v Facebook the other day, and now, hot on its heels, comes another: J20 v Facebook Ireland Ltd [2016] NIQB 98. This one is a less wide-ranging – and is a pure misuse of private information case rather than also having data protection points – but contains some further useful indications as to how the courts are approaching misuse in an e-Commerce world. Read more »


A ‘Poke’ in the Eye for Claims against Facebook

January 6th, 2017 by Christopher Knight

The “internet has not alone changed our lives but it has also changed our vocabulary. A tablet is no longer made of stone, a bit does not help guide a horse and a cookie is more likely to affect your privacy than alleviate the pangs of hunger between meals!” A lengthy Christmas cracker joke? No, the observations – in excellent ‘Dad-joke’ style – of the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal in CG v Facebook Ireland Ltd & McCloskey (MOR10142) (Morgan LCJ, Gillen & Weatherup LJJ) at [54]. Read more »


A Christmas Present for Privacy Activists: Tele2 Sverige / Davis & Watson

December 22nd, 2016 by Rupert Paines

A hitherto-overlooked element of the Christmas story is the significant role of personal data in the fulfilment of ancient prophecy.

Read more »


Truly, Madly, Deeply (Confused about NCND) – Savic (Garden) in the Upper Tribunal

December 22nd, 2016 by Christopher Knight

There is just about still time in 2016 for the Upper Tribunal to weigh in on a couple of FOIA appeals concerning the UK’s military activity in Kosovo and Serbia in 1999. These give rise to a number of issues, exemptions and passing judicial comment which warrant notice and, in some cases, a degree of head-scratching. Read more »


Appealing or Unappealing? The Appellate Role in Specialist Tribunals

December 21st, 2016 by Christopher Knight

It is coming up to the end of the year, and what better gift could Panopticon provide for its litigious readers than a reminder of the principles applicable to the appellate tribunals and courts? I know, almost impossible to imagine anything more fun isn’t it? Think of this as the equivalent to that new set of socks you got given: boring but practically important when you wake up half cut one morning with the cat having stolen half your footwear. You never know when you might need a helpful collation of principles to ward off the Upper Tribunal from that hard won wool you pulled over the eyes of the First-tier Tribunal. Read more »