James Goudie QC, instructed by John Bridger of Preston Redman, appeared for Councillor John Beesley, the Deputy Leader of Bournemouth Borough Council, before the First-Tier Tribunal (Local Government Standards).  The Tribunal (Case No: LGS/2010/0533) found that Cllr Beesley had not breached the Code of Conduct.  He had declared personal interests.  They were not also prejudicial interests.  Tribunal Judge Chris Hughes OBE accepted the submission that:

             “The test to be applied under the Code of Conduct is in essence the same as the test for apparent bias.  The member of the public viewing these circumstances would demonstrate two key characteristics – adopting a balanced approach and while not being complacent would not be unduly sensitive or suspicious (Gillies v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2006] 1WLR 781).  The matter must be considered from the point of view of an observer who is both informed and fair minded.  The question to be addressed by the member of the public with these characteristics is whether there is a likelihood in other words a real possibility (Porter v Magill [2002] 2AC 357) of bias.”