The website of the Information Tribunal (or FTT Information Rights, to be precise) is an invaluable source of information.  The lists of current cases make it possible to track the progress of potential test cases, and also give information about hearing dates and venues – essential for any members of the Press or public wishing to attend.  There is all sorts of useful information – e.g. about the Tribunal judiciary.  Perhaps most important of all, there is a searchable and complete collection of Tribunal decisions, together with other information law cases. 

Today the site displays an ominous notice.  As a result of the merger of the Court Service and the Tribunal Service, the site will be archived with effect from 1st April.  Information, forms, and details about services, will be available from www.justice.gov.uk and other sites.  But it is wholly unclear whether the same level of information will be made available as at present; in particular, it is not clear whether tribunal decisions will still be published online.  Although FTT and Upper Tribunal decisons are also available on Bailii, the Information Tribunal website is a much better tool for anyone specifically interested in Information Law.  Let’s hope that all that is happening is a change of web address rather than a change in format or content.