Le Right to be Forgotten

Bonjour, et maintenant pour un post de Panopticon dans le style de Miles Kington et ‘Franglais’.

Recallez-vous le judgment de la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne dans Google Spain (ici)? Tres bien. Maintenant, il y a une announcement from CNIL (le ICO de France), informing Google that le ‘right to be forgotten’ applies aux search results decouvert en google.fr et google.com, pas seulement google.fr (voila, ici). Ce n’est pas une announcemente populaire avec Google, mais ce n’est pas une surprise. Dans November 2014 le Article 29 Working Party adopted ‘Guidelines on the Implementation’ of Google Spain, which said the same thing, as an aspect of the principle of effective protection of data subjects’ rights. C’est believed que la France est le premier data protection authority to expressly and publicly take this line with Google. Les developments dans le future sont tres interessant.

(That’s enough of that. Another issue which has caused some interest is the approach Google are taking whereby any search result on google.co.uk for an individual name comes back with the rider at the foot that some search results may have been omitted as a result of Google Spain, regardless of whether they have been or not. This raises some interesting possible questions in defamation (could it be defamatory to imply that an individual has exercised their Google Spain rights?), privacy (does the implication itself invade private life and reputation?) and DPA compliance (is the approach justified because only having the notice where the right has been exercised is tantamount to undermining the exercise of the right, and would no notice at all be too secretive?). That will also be interesting to see if anyone follows it up with Google, the ICO and then the courts. For those of you want to see a bit more analysis, and an example of a complaint, listen carefully, I shall say zis only once: Jon Baines’ blog discusses it ici. Eh bien.)

Ce n’est pas ‘goodbye’, mais seulement ‘au revoir’.

Christophe Chevalier