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Privacy and data protection developments in 2013: Google, Facebook, Leveson and more

11 Mar 2013 | Information law

…clearer information on issues such as how personal data is shared across Google’s services, and on Google’s retention periods for personal data. Google was asked to respond within four months….

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Google: forget the right to be forgotten – here come class actions

02 Oct 2019 | Information law

…of Google (one that doesn’t deliver the offending references), regardless of whether they type in a non-EU Google domain name. Not good enough, said the CNIL, slapping Google with a…

Google Spain – new High Court judgment

04 Aug 2014 | Information law

…from Google-users based in the UK: see Vidal-Hall v Google Inc [2014] EWHC 13 (QB) (which you can read about here). However importantly, in Vidal-Hall, which was decided before Google

Google and Data Protection Across Europe

21 Jun 2013 | Information law

Google’s privacy policy. It formed part of co-ordinated action by data protection agencies in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. The CNIL announced that Google was…


In the wake of Google Spain: freedom of expression down (but not out)

15 Jul 2014 | Information law

Google’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, argued that in implementing its fledgling RTBF procedure, Google was simply doing as told: it had…

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Google: autocomplete and the frontiers of privacy

17 May 2013 | Information law

Unsurprisingly, the frontiers of privacy and data protection law are often explored and extended by reference to what Google does. Panopticon has, for example, covered disputes over Google Street View…

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