Win a free place at the 11KBW Information Law Conference 2024!

We are delighted to announce that our new Panopticon Podcast will be launching tomorrow – on 22 November 2023.  Leading ITM silk and Panopticon stalwart Anya Proops KC gives me (Leo Davidson) the rundown on the new Online Safety regime and reveals what people in Chambers call me behind my back, all in 30 minutes.

But that’s not all!  Some weeks ago, when the podcast was still just a twinkle in my ear, colleagues challenged me to sneak a reference to the classic Christmas film, Die Hard, into the first episode.  So I did – and now the challenge goes out to listeners: what and where is it?

Hidden in plain sound somewhere in the episode is a reference to a line of Alan-Rickman-as-Hans-Gruber dialogue (not quite an exact quotation).  The first person to spot it and email the reference and time-stamp to will win a free place at the 11KBW Information Law Conference 2024 (date TBA).

Any ideas for things to sneak into Episode 2 can be emailed to the same address…


Terms and conditions

  1. The first email which is received to the email inbox which contains the correct reference and time-stamp (as judged by 11KBW) will be deemed to have won the competition, so long as it is received before 11:59pm on 21 December 2023.
  2. The sender of said email (“Winner”) may nominate, within 28 days of being notified that they are the Winner, any individual (“Delegate”) to attend the 11KBW Information Law Conference 2024 free of charge. 11KBW may agree to accept a nomination after this period, or change the nominated Delegate at any time, at its sole discretion.
  3. Members, pupils and staff of 11KBW, and their immediate families, are not eligible (i) to enter the competition or (ii) to be nominated as a Delegate.


Privacy notice

We will not use any personal data provided in connection with this competition for any purpose other than determining the winner of the competition, informing candidates of the outcome and awarding the prize.  Full details of how we handle personal data can be found in our privacy notice:

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